To Come Off Or Not To Come Off The Pill

Ok, I know this is quite a ‘Taboo’ subject, however we are in the 21st Century & we are all in this together. I hope some of you beautiful ladies can relate to this & want to share your experiences with us. 

Anyway enough of that… Happy Reading!

So I have been thinking for a little while, about coming off The Pill (Yasmin). I have been on it for little over two & a half years. 

I have never even considered coming off of it, until I realised I’m a single gal who wants to work out her life, before another guy comes along & my focus shifts again (that’s another post!)

Anyway, I ended up having a big discussion with my bestie the other night over dinner (yes I know, slightly strange) but after we had spoken about it, I began thinking about how I had been feeling recently. Not just recently, but for at least 6 months+. I cry for no reason, become withdrawn from myself & Mum (which caused/causes a few rows), I feel more down/anxious/depressed than I do happy/excited/positive about life in general & my future. 


I bitch about people I love several times on a daily basis, find the negative in any situation before the positive. My confidence feels like it’s dwindling significantly due to the fact I feel fat, not pretty, miserable.

The list goes on really.

Now, everyone knows that taking The Pill is basically pumping your body with synthetic hormones to (depending on your reasons) mainly stop you getting pregnant. I had others, such as spotty skin & irregular periods. I however didn’t realise, that your periods that you get during the 7 day break are actually not real periods at all. This has made me a little bit worried.

When I first started on The Pill, I read & re-read the instruction leaflet about 100 times just to be sure I had all the facts. I was greeted on the second page with potential risks such as ‘Increases the risk of having a blood clot in the veins and arteries…’ Which as you can imagine, scared the shit out of me! 

I continued reading through this little booklet of information & realised that there were in total 32 pages of the ‘Warnings and Precautions’. This varied from blood clots in the veins (as mentioned above), to the risk of cancer linked to it.

Just reading back on the leaflet (to check my facts), freaks me out..

Anyway I decided today that I was going to research on Google (as you do) about what happens when you come off The Pill. Luckily I didn’t have to search for too long before finding a blog which is probably the most helpful thing you can read – Poppy D –

She opened up about wanting to come off The Pill, not because she wanted a baby (which a lot of articles talk about), but because she was fed up with pumping her body with hormones – Amen Sister!

So, I found myself reading her article twice, scrolling through the comments, reading each lady’s experience, then I ready her ‘Update’ twice, again I also read the comments (

One thing that struck me the most was how all of them felt ‘real’ after coming off their Pill. They felt as though a ‘grey fog had been lifted’. That’s exactly what I want! 

Sitting here at my dining room table with the sun shining through, thinking about the prospect of having no more feeling down/anxious etc actually fills me with joy. Despite saying that I always find the negative in any situation, I can say now, honestly that I feel truly excited & positive about this one. 


So today, I make my pledge to all women who may read this post, that from Friday (end of my 7 day break), I will no longer be taking The Pill. 

I know there will be side affects (which Poppy D describes in her posts), but bring it! I’m ready!

I’m looking forward to seeing what happens. Bright things ahead!

Any ladies that wish to share their own story in the comments, go ahead. I am intrigued to see how your journeys are going.

With love, as always

Sarah x

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