Make Up Or No Make Up?

Good morning my lovelies! Wow.. It’s Sunday again already?! Time is just going so so quick..

Sorry I haven’t written in this last week, I’ve been on call in the evenings & well.. It’s hard to relax & be able to write when you don’t know if the phone will go off any minute.

It’s another beautiful day here today, a perfect one for setting your positive intentions. I’ve finally got on track to start my morning yoga & meditation routine today. It was lovely, having the window open with the birds signing & the sun on my back. Sometimes you don’t even realise how you forget to live for the moment & appreciate these things. 

Anyway, I digress.. Today I wanted to write about something which is quite a big thing in our society.

Make up. 

Us girls are almost expected to wear it, to get where we want to be (personally or professionally)/to be accepted by others/to be seen as normal. I spent most of my childhood growing up in Brittany, France. It was beautiful & everyone was so friendly. At school, I never even gave doing my make up or straightening/curling my hair etc a thought. I pretty much got up in the morning & went to school. That was both in primary & secondary. 

I was your typical ‘Plain Jane’. Frizzy hair, no make up, spots, awkwardness – the works! But for me, I never thought anything of it because I was never treated of looked at any differently by my peers.

Fast forward a few years – my parents were divorcing & we moved back to the UK. Wow.. What a culture shock! 

I was 15, mid puberty, periods, acne.. You know what it’s like… So I came back to the UK, with my frizzy hair, spots, no make up & I never felt more out of place in my life. 

The school I went to, the girls of my age had the perfect make up (foundation, eyeliner, mascara..), perfect skin (something which, in case you hadn’t gathered I was dying for), confidence (something which was also vastly lacking) & I was definitely treated differently. 

I didn’t fit in anywhere & the first girl I was put with (we both joined year 11 together), was quick to ditch me as soon as she found some girls who came from her country (Seychelles). So I found myself hanging out alone at break times, lunch times etc. I began to realise that if I wanted to fit in anywhere I needed to buy make up & gain some confidence. 

If I remember correctly, I started off like any teenager with the likes of Rimmel & Maybeline. Even then I felt like I was a bit more important. I quickly found out though that just made my skin worse & spots stand out even more – what’s a girl to do?!

After much to & fro, I had found a foundation that seemed to work on my skin. Along with the mascara, the blush, the lipstick… I know had it all & felt ‘normal’. My bank balance didn’t appreciate me though. However, being a girl, you still have your insecurities, they don’t go away that easily. 

So that was 2008 till about 2012. Left school & started in the professional world. I was late teens/very early 20s & things had got better. I felt more like how I should feel as a girl in this society. I had just about figured out my make up – I was good to go.

Now.. It’s 2016 – a great year I intend to make it.. Anyway, within this last week (as you know), I have given up The Pill. It’s officially been 10 days & I really do feel so much better in myself. I feel clearer & happier in myself. 

So in case you hadn’t gathered by know, I’ve had a long running issue of spots on my face. Something I have been covering up with £100s of pounds of make up for years. Being on The Pill has (what I believe) made them pretty much disappear. 

Now I have given it up, I realise that they may come back. 

I set myself a task – I decided that I was going to increase my water intake & reduce my use of make up. Sounds easy but try working under florescent lighting for 8+ hours a day & having (the sometimes curse) of rosy cheeks. Curse florescent lighting for making everything stand out just a little bit more than normal.

 Last year, I decided I’d go a whole week without make up – I won’t lie it was awful. I however, didn’t have a proper skin routine & basically it just didn’t work. What I did pick up from that tiny experiment was to have a good skin care routine as that make all the difference.

All I have worn this whole week was mattifying powder, serum & pressed foundation powder – no mascara so good bye panda eyes!

My verdict now it has been a week is that with the increasing intake of water (which helps dramatically), along with the reduced use of make up, I think my skin is really getting better. I do need to go a step further & clean eat (sweet tooth alert!), however just these two steps so far has helped loads.

Another thing.. Confidence is key (again, a bit of an issue of mine), but it helps. I found myself standing at the mirror in the work loos, judging myself. If I did that, I’d straighten myself up, look myself in the eye & say ‘You’re beautiful Sarah. Remember that.’ I’d walk out of there with my head held high & smile a little because as crazy as it sounds, it works. 

Me & my Mumma on our way to London to watch Rugby. I posted this on Facebook & Instagram – see barely there make up & #nofilter


The moral of the story (or this post) is, society makes us believe that we have to wear make up to look/feel beautiful. What happened to loving our natural beauty? Seeing ourselves for who we are & knowing that it’s what’s inside that counts. 

We are all guilty of self-judging, but instead of looking at your flaws, how about looking at what you love about yourself? It is difficult at first, but practice every day, several times a day & it’ll become second nature.

I’m not going to lie, it doesn’t take a week for you to love yourself fully & make the changes like I have above. Just believe in yourself Darling.

Sorry for the rambling.. I feel like I have so much to write after not doing so in this last week.

I’d love to hear about what you’re doing to love yourself more & appreciate your beauty. 

Drop me a comment or a message.

With love, as always

Sarah x


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