Make The Most Of Today.. Whilst Dancing Around The Living Room

Happy Sunday my lovelies! What a lovely warm one it is too!

I wasn’t sure if I was going to write today, however as I sit/dance/sing at the top of my voice to Chaka Khan ‘I’m every woman’ – I felt I just had to ..

I had a lovely lay in this morning, followed by a quick yoga sesh – ah bliss. The intention I set, as I bowed my head in gratitude was ‘Make The Most Of Today.’ 

Use today to set some goals, do what you’ve wanted to do for a while etc.. It was really helps as I’ve had such a productive morning!

After my yoga, I did a spot of hoovering (unfortunately  the housework doesn’t do itself), then I started on my vision/mood board with a mug on Yogi Tea in hand. I have so many magazines dating back to 2011/2012, so I dug them out & started searching. Unfortunately I didn’t come across a lot, but I’ve started! Always better than nothing though. 

Literally cannot wait to keep filling it up – next stop is to buy a printer so that I can print off all my fave quotes off Pinterest. I love that app so so much – it’s my new best friend, I swear!

So I was going to write this post because when I was just listening to Chaka Khan – I had a bit of a flash back to Bridget Jones – just minus the vodka – when she’s dancing around her living room completely & utterly single. Ok she may not have felt good about it, but ladies, when you have Chaka Khan blasting in the background – what’s not to feel good about? 

You can blast music as loud as you want, whilst having your own fashion show. Fabulous right?

I’m slowly learning to appreciate myself & my company – something I’ve never really taken the time to do before. I know it’s going to be a long road as it’s taken me three years to get to where I am now. I finally feel like things are heading in the right direction. 

What have you ladies done, whether it be past or present to focus on you again. Did you go on a random getaway, have a dramatic haircut, completely change your wardrobe? Fill me in! I’ve done the dramatic haircut & I can’t believe how it truly does help.. You don’t even realise.

So ladies, make the most of your Sunday – create that vision board you’ve always wanted to hang up in your room, have your own fashion show, blast your music with a glass of wine in our hand! Do it all! (Maybe leave the wine for a little later this afternoon, however).

My vision board specifically says ‘Live big & go for it!’ So that’s what I’m going to do.. 

If you can’t do it when you’re single – when can you?!

Have a fabulous Sunday my beauties 

With love, as always

Sarah x


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